Humility … Now that is a Good Look #AmWriting

I have joined a new group, yes, another, but this time, listen to their name … Insecure Writers Support Group … the IWSG now these peeps have got it going on.

Insecure Writers Support Group Badge.jpg



This everlasting quest of mine to become better, to write clearer, to bring my stories to life, has brought me to toil away long hours and as such I can say I am over advice from other, would be, wannabes. (well maybe not everyone) While I have gluttonously devoured as many words and articles as I have caffeine and crumb cake, now, I lay back numb.

homer1.pngUnless you can offer up your degree on semantics, literature or your bank statement with quarterly infusions of royalties, I must digress. I do this for sanity, because as I see you, I am in truth looking back at me, but this ego of yours has gotten in the way.

And at one time I saw you as …

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#Pitmad is Tomorrow! September 10th 8am-8pm EDT

Hey fellow writers! Do you have a polished, unpublished manuscript? Are you looking for an agent or publisher? If you don’t know about the Twitter Pitch Party, #Pitmad here’s a couple of links that provide some great info: Check out Brenda Drake’s site: About #Pitmad – rules and regulations.  Just for fun here’s a Twitter pitch […]